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MacAskills (including all derivative names and all spellings of the name) are considered members of the Clan MacLeod. If you are a member of the Clan MacLeod Society, you are invited to attend the 2018 Clan MacLeod Parliament. Information about Parliament is available at Clan MacLeod Parliament. If you want to go to Parliament and you are not a member of the Clan MacLeod Society, you only need to join before you register. USA residents can do this at www.clanmacleodusa.org, Canadian residents can do this at www.clanmacleod-canada.com.

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10-Jul-11: The 2011 Gathering plans are moving ahead, and registration is open. Scots and the Scottish diaspora truly belong to the world, and the program for our visit to New Mexico will allow us to experience the rich and inspiring culture of America's Southwest. Don't miss this fabulous opportunity, graciously facilitated by the family of Olive McCaskill Bell.

Click here for more exciting information on our MacAskill Sept Society Gathering 2011!
09-Dec-10: Street trials champion and all-around cycling artist Danny MacAskill has released another outstanding video, as part of a promotion for Redbull beverages. This one is called Way Back Home and the story line is a "typical" Danny MacAskill bicycle ride from Edinburgh to Skye.

26-Oct-10: Our Gathering is over, and was a great success. Sincere and plentiful thanks go to Anne Libis, her husband Claude, Jane and David Grinwis, and many other contributors to this outstanding event. The slides from our keynote presentation on Saturday evening, "Parliament for MacAskills", can be found on our Sept website Publications page. Photos and memories will follow in our (ahem) slightly overdue newsletter...

18-Jun-10: Further information about the 2010 MacAskill Sept Society Gathering can be found in the Summer 2010 Society newsletter, which will arrive in members' homes before the end of June. Click here for the 2010 Gathering page.

19-Mar-10: The 2010 MacAskill Sept Gathering will be held from October 22nd through the 24th in Towson, Maryland USA, headquartered at the Sheraton Baltimore North Hotel (http://www.sheratonbaltimorenorth.com). A block of rooms has been reserved for us for $99 per night, plus tax. Towson is the county seat of Baltimore County. The Sheraton has a bus that will take patrons to the light rail stop with connections to city and regional attractions.

Our upcoming spring and summer issues of the newsletter will include more information on our meeting venue, keynote speaker, entertainment, the kirking, and touring options. The registration form will be in the summer issue.

Anne McCaskill Libis is our Gathering 2010 Coordinator. She will be assisted by Jane and David Grinwis. Jane will be arranging for the food and helping to plan.

05-Oct-09: At its annual Gathering in Camden, South Carolina USA, the MacAskill Sept Society voted to approve two USD$100 fellowships, established in the name of the Sept Society's founder Olive McCaskill Bell. Please refer to the Sept's Youth page for more information about the Fellowship, and how to apply.

23-Aug-09: Check out our new Merchandising page to order your MacAskill tartan!

30-Jul-09: Past issues of our newsletter, including the four issues from 2008 and the most recent issue from Spring 2009, are now available on our Publications page.

06-Jan-09: The winter 2008 issue of the MacAskill Sept Society newsletter is in the mail. Please note that Canadian members may have to wait an extra few days. (I ran out of Canadian stamps!) Sorry for any inconvenience. Our newsletter is free with your annual membership - if you would like to join or renew your membership, click here.

03-Nov-08: MacAskills may be happy to hear that Chief Hugh MacLeod of MacLeod has secured funding from Historic Scotland to make the long-needed repairs to the roof of Dunvegan Castle. Chief Hugh himself has acknowledged that achieving the overall goals for repair and conservation of this important cultural and political icon on Skye will take years, but this is a significant step forward. More information is available in the announcement from Historic Scotland.

22-Oct-08: The reports from the enjoyable 2008 MacAskill Sept Gathering in North Carolina are coming in and will be posted on the Gathering 2008 webpage. We have started a photo album, so if you have any pictures you would like to share please send them to the Webmistress.

The MacAskill Sept Society extends its deepest sympathies to the family of Dixie McCaskill Lewis, FSA Scot, a long time member of the Clan MacLeod Society and co-author of the noted MacAskill genealogy "The MacAskill/McCaskill History, 1770 1984". More information about Dixie's remarkable life can be found here.

15-Aug-08: The 2008 MacAskill Sept Gathering will be held in beautiful Laurinburg, North Carolina from October 3-5, 2008. More information can be found here.

17-May-08: The 2008 MacAskill Sept Gathering will not be held in Red Springs, we are seeking an alternate location.

07-Feb-08: Membership application uploaded and available.

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